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Being a thematic fund and keeping in mind the gestation period of such investments, a close ended fund ensures investors remain invested through the tenure of the scheme to reap the potential rewards of such investments. The Fund would endeavour to generate capital appreciation by investing in entities belonging to businesses that are engaged in and/or expected to benefit out of the demand for housing in India.The indicative list of business activities considered under the 'Housing Theme" will generally include: • Real Estate Developers • Financial Services providing housing finance • Allied business activities such as o Construction o Cement & Cement product such as concrete, aggregates, bricks, etc.Only those investors who consent to the rollover will have their units rolled over upon maturity. The scheme benchmark is India Housing & Allied Businesses Index.The index seeks to measure the performance of a portfolio of minimum 50 stocks that form part of select basic industries that are into housing and allied businesses such as cement, banks, paints, housing finance, residential projects, steel, sanitary ware, house ware etc.Whilst HDFC Mutual Fund takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of all information available under this section, it does not guarantee the completeness, efficacy, accuracy or timeliness of such information.Readers of this section are advised not to act purely on the basis of information provided herein but also seek professional advice from experts before taking any investment decisions.Neither, the Mutual Fund, the Trustees, AMC nor any person connected with it accepts any liability arising from the use of this information.

The above investment simulation is only illustrative and does not take into consideration rate of inflation, other financial factors varying over any given period of time and should not be construed as a promise on minimum returns and/ or safeguard of capital.

For risks associated with derivatives strategy, refer Q 11 8) What are the NFO dates Opening Date - 16th November 2017 (Thursday) Closing Date - 30th November 2017 (Thursday) 9) Will this scheme rollover upon maturity?

The scheme may be rolled over at the discretion of the trustees after taking into account the current market scenario and complying with the necessary regulations.

On the other hand, it loses in value as the security or index rises in value as compared to the strike price.

The maximum loss that a buyer of a put option can incur is the option premium paid.

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